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Wicked Opportunities in Sustainability

While our world has become more dynamic and more complex, so have our problems. Wicked problems, such as climate change, terrorism, social inequality and destruction of natural habitat are extraordinarily difficult to deal with because they are almost impossible to define accurately. However, if we change our perspectives and reframe the issue in a new […]

Events, Behavior, Structure

Why is it sometimes so incredibly difficult to change one’s behavior? Why do some events and outcomes seem to repeat themselves over and over regardless of our best attempts to change them? And why do some countries and areas have more crime, poverty and other societal issues than others? If you have read my older posts, you might […]

Embrace Your Limitations

What is it about some individuals and organizations that make them jump out the crowd and rise above average? How are people like Stephen Hawking, suffering from ALS, or Temple Grandin, born with autism, able to overcome their limitations and become the best in their fields? It sometimes seems that the ones who truly achieve […]

Systems Thinking – Brief Introduction

Systems thinking has many definitions, but I like to think that it is simply about understanding parts, wholes and their relations. Systems thinking was developed after the second World War by numerous scholars coming from different fields, including biology, engineering and management. I think systems thinking is easier to understand by first contrasting it to […]