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Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: Coreorient

Company profile Name: Coreorient Oy / PiggyBaggy (beta) Founded: 2011 Founders: Harri Paloheimo and Heikki Waris Industry: Multiple industries / ICT-enabled services Main services: PiggyBaggy crowdsourced ride-sharing for goods; Smart service system development and consulting Sustainability: PiggyBaggy lowers emissions and resource consumption by providing access to already existing mobility, similar to car sharing. Company history and idea in […]

Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: Pure Waste Textiles

Company profile Name: Pure Waste Textiles Founded: 2013 Founders: Hannes Bengs, Anders Bengs, Lauri Köngäs-Eskandari, Jukka Pesola and Maela Mandelli Industry: Sustainable fabrics and clothing Main products: Recycled fabrics and clothes Sustainability: Pure Waste Textiles provides recycled fabrics and clothes to consumers, other clothing labels and retailers. Company history and idea in brief One of the most important issues related […]

Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: Kierrätysverkko Oy

Company profile Name: Kierrätysverkko Oy Founded: 2011 Founders: Harri Välimäki, Pasi Papunen, Heikki Laakso, Kompassi Oy, Pixoi Oy, Juha Saarinenen, Markus Rimon (rest of the current owners can be found here). Industry: Reuse ja recycling IT-services and business concepts Main services: Kierrätyskeskus 2020 – modernization of recycling centres Sustainability: Kierrätysverkko Oy is driving the transformation towards a circular economy by helping to modernize Finnish recycling centers. Idea and company history in brief […]

Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: Nurmi Clothing

Company profile Name: Nurmi Clothing Founded: 2010 Founders: Anniina Nurmi Industry: Clothing Main services: Sustainable clothing + a clothing rental service Sustainability: Nurmi Clothing uses fabrics and production processes that are less harmful to the environment compared to most other clothing companies. Nurmi Clothing is also experimenting with a clothing rental service. Idea and company […]

Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: Sharetribe Oy

Company profile Name: Sharetribe Oy Founded: 2011 Founders: Juho Makkonen, Antti Virolainen and Niklas Begley Industry: Software Main services: A platform for creating online marketplaces Sustainability: Sharetribe contributes to the development of a sharing economy by helping its customers build peer-to-peer online marketplaces. Idea and company history in brief If you have always wanted to […]

Interviewing Sitra’s Industrial Ecology Expert Lilli Linkola @OSCEDays in Helsinki

The Open Source Circular Economy Days is a global event arranged between June 11 and June 15 in 25 countries around the world. In Finland the OSCEDays culminated in Kiertotalouden kansalaispäivä (circular economy citizen day), where speakers, entrepreneurs, hackers and hippies gathered to talk about circular economy at a very practical level. The event agenda […]

What I Learned Working In a Think Tank

This Spring I successfully sneaked my way into one of the leading think tanks in Finland, Demos Helsinki, and had an opportunity to see what the heck actually happens inside a think tank. To be more exact, I worked at Demos Effect, which is the management consulting arm of Demos Helsinki. Below are some of […]

Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: Venuu Oy

Company profile Name: Venuu Oy Founded: 2013 Founders: Jasu Koponen, Jerome Saarinen, Emil Sågfors Industry: Online portals Main services: Search engine for finding venues Sustainability: Venuu.fi enables event organizers to find and rent unused spaces in cities. By doing so Venuu Oy improves the use of already existing resources, which is an important part of […]