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3 Picks of the Week on Circular Economy

Don’t know what circular economy is? Check it out here!   1. Company pick: Purewaste Textiles Purewaste Textiles is another Finnish company that has taken up to advance a more sustainable society. Purewaste Textiles collects cotton that is left over from traditional cotton manufacturing processes and would normally go to waste. The company sorts the […]

Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: RePack

Company profile Name: RePack / Peruste Oy Founded: 2011 Founders: Juha Mäkelä, Jonne Hellgren and Petri Piirainen Value proposition: Trashless life Industry: Packaging materials Main products: Reusable delivery packages Sustainability: Repack produces and leases reusable packaging for companies. Idea and company history in brief Repack is a Finnish packaging materials manufacturing company that wants to reduce the amount of […]

3 Picks of the Week on Circular Economy

Below are my this week’s picks on circular economy. Don’t know what circular economy is? Check it out here!   Company pick: Sharetribe Oy Sharetribe is a Finnish company that allows its users to create marketplaces and sharing economy communities online. Check out this example!   Book pick: Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution […]

Brief Introduction: Circular Economy

Summary: We need to redesign our economy from a linear to a circular one. A circular economy can grow without destroying its environment. Estimated time to read: 10 mins   Our current economic model has a fundamental design problem. There’s absolutely no going around it. Our economies and industries are designed to grow by consuming […]

Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models: Ecovative Design

Company profile Name: Ecovative Design LLC Founded: 2007 Founders: Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre Industry: Biomaterials Main products: Mushroom-based industrial materials Financials: Ecovative has received two rounds of private funding, one in 2011 ($14M) and another in 2013 (undisclosed). Sustainability: Ecovative produces and sells biodegradable materials, therefore contributing to the development of a circular economy. […]

Launching a Series: Innovative Companies with Sustainable Business Models

I have recently learned about a number of exciting new startups and companies that are working to develop sustainable and customer-focused business models. Whether working in retail, logistics, manufacturing or services, these companies have developed new ways to organize resources that can create significant value for their customers and the society as a whole. Inspired […]

Back to Business

Having recently switched from my blog ‘System Studies’ to a full-blown personal website I wanted to share what’s been going on lately with the blog and with my own life. In this blog post I will also give a small peak into some of the topics I’ll be writing about in the near future. I […]

What Can We Learn From Finnish Anarchists?

The clashes between anarchists and the police during the Finnish independence day have recently been a hot topic of discussion in Finland. A group of anarchists had started a riot on the evening of independence day, which resulted in destroyed public and private property. Destroying small companies’ property has especially been the subject of public […]