What’s up with JP?

I haven’t been blogging for a while, so I decided that an update is in order. Several things have happened recently that I’m really happy about:

I landed a summer job in Tieto Corporation

I was hired for a marketing position in a small team inside Tieto Corporation, one of the largest IT companies in northern Europe. I had the opportunity to apply things that I’ve learned about content marketing, as well as learn new skills along the way. One highlight was a marketing workshop that I facilitated, and which helped our team improve our marketing efforts. I was able to leverage my experience from all the different workshops that we’ve held in the Creative Sustainability master’s degree program.

I began working as a research assistant in Aalto University

Now that the summer is over, I switched back to Aalto University and am now working as a research assistant in two projects: RECIBI, which is about the renewal of Finnish manufacturing industries into circular economy practices, and Smart Energy Transitions (SET), where I’m contributing to the study of the emerging Mobility as a Service (MaaS) schemes in Finland. My main contribution will be my master’s thesis research about MaaS ecosystems.

So, what the heck is MaaS? Shortly put, it basically means that there’s a new service provider that bundles all existing forms of transportation under one service. From the point of the user, it means that you are dealing with only one mobility service provider, instead of dealing with every provider separately. The interface might be a simple mobile application, but the main idea is to create an ecosystem of service providers that each contribute one part of the overall service.

I met Sampo Hietanen, founder and CEO of MaaS Global, and he emphasised that MaaS services are first and foremost based on trust. The user needs to be able to trust that the service provider gets the user to his or hers desired destination as reliably as a private car would. If this cannot be guaranteed, getting people to shift from cars to MaaS will be difficult.

There are several MaaS schemes ongoing in Finland, some of whom have already gotten international acclaim:

I will be updating about how the MaaS scheme is evolving in Finland as I learn more. I have my fingers crossed for all the companies and research projects that are trying to make a change for a better transportation system!

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