I will be joining Salesforce in September

I got some exciting news to share: I will join the ranks of a company called Salesforce starting from September! Salesforce is a fast-growing, US-based cloud computing company that provides cloud-based Customer Relationship Management products. Salesforce is known for being among the first to provide cloud-based CRM software, and for helping transition the CRM industry from heavy on-premise solutions to much nimbler and less expensive cloud services.

I was recently accepted to Salesforce’s Success Graduate Program, which is a 12-month program that trains and prepares new graduates to various business consulting and technical consulting positions within the company. I will be moving to Amsterdam in September, and will live there for at least the duration of the program. My final position and role will be decided after the program has ended.

I am super excited to work for Salesforce! Salesforce has an awesome company culture, and the company has been on the list of great places to work for nine years, and was ranked on place 8 in 2017. Salesforce emphasizes trust and transparency as key parts of its culture, which I got a glimpse of when I visited Salesforce’s Amsterdam office in January.

I’m particularly excited to join Salesforce because of Salesforce’s deep focus on creating customer value. Based on my experience, many businesses appear more focused on creating shareholder value and profits than providing superior services. Obviously, the purpose of business is to also make money for its owners, but in my view, the order of priority should be to first create customer value, then shareholder value. Therefore, I’m happy that one of Salesforce’s core values is Customer Success, meaning that every action taken should ultimately result in more value to customers.

My graduate profile was highlighted in Salesforce’s company blog, which you can read here: https://www.salesforce.com/company/careers/futureforce-university/

Before moving to Amsterdam, I will be on a holiday and enjoy the summer in Finland.

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