Circular economy is an important concept that can help us create harmony between economy and nature. It is based on the idea of decoupling economic growth from the consumption of scarce resources. In this free e-book we briefly discuss the concept of circular economy and its potential benefits, as well as introducing seven Finnish companies that have adopted circular economy business models.

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Who is the book for?

You might be interested in the book if..

  • You’re a business owner or a manager and you want to learn what circular economy means, how it would look like to have a circular business model, and how you might benefit from it
  • You’re working for a public or private sector organization and would like to know more about what circular economy could mean for your organization
  • You’re an investor and want to know more about the potential of circular economy and what circular businesses look like
  • You’re an activist or working in a non-governmental organization and want to know what circular economy could do for society
  • You’re just generally interested about the idea of a circular economy and want to learn more

Why was this e-book written?

It’s obvious that we need to transform our society and economy if we want to continue our journey on this planet. Climate change, deforestation, destruction of natural habitat, acidification of the oceans, and the rest of the mess we’ve created are not only destroying our environment, but also compromising our own future.

The answer to these complex problems is not going back to Stone Age, but to find more intelligent ways of living and doing business. I believe that the concept of a circular economy is an important step towards an economy that is based on cooperating with nature, instead of exploiting it. I also believe that this model of an economy holds great benefits for individual companies, especially in the long run.

We have written the book to spread the word on circular economy and tell about companies that are already adopting a circular approach to business. You can download the book for free and share it as much as you like! So don’t hesitate, download the book today!