My name is Jukka-Pekka Ovaska. My passion is to help businesses and society become more sustainable so that we leave a habitable planet for future generations.

I work as a researcher at Aalto University, Finland, where I’m involved in the Finix research project (https://finix.aalto.fi/). The Finix research project conducts scientific research on various sustainability aspects of textile systems. My own research focuses on questions related to implementing circular economy solutions in the textile industry. I consider myself an activist and a researcher: I want to produce research that helps businesses and society as a whole to transition away from the linear take-make-waste model of production and consumption to a circular model that is regenerative and where waste is minimized. I firmly believe that we can create an economic system that serves the needs of everyone without jeopardizing the environment and the needs of future generations.

I was born and raised in Kajaani, a small town in Eastern Finland. I gained my Master of Science degree in Business Administration at Aalto University, where I specialized in systems thinking, sustainable business models, and the circular economy. I am currently studying in the Organizations and Management Ph.D. program at Aalto University, and I am a member of the Aalto University Sustainability in Business research group as well as the Finix research project.

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