Hi! My name is Jukka-Pekka Ovaska. My passion is to understand human systems and organizations, and how they can be designed to maximize human potential without jeopardizing the well-being of future generations.

My current professional aim is to become a so-called T-shaped professional, with deep expertise in business systems and organizations (the vertical stroke of the T), and broad understanding of technology and design (the horizontal stroke of the T). I am currently interested in learning how technologies like AI, cognitive computers, data analytics, and cloud computing can be used for improving customer experience and for creating innovative services in different industries.

I was born and raised in Kajaani, a small town in Eastern Finland. I gained a B.Sc degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Tampere, where I studied business management, strategy, sustainability, and futures studies. I was then accepted to the Creative Sustainability master’s degree program at Aalto University, where I specialized in systems thinking, sustainable business models, and in the management and design of IT-enabled services. I gained a M.Sc degree in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University in 2017.

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